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June 27, 2007

AQUAGIANTS formally commences water purification business.

September 22, 2007

AQUAGIANTS partners with Vertex and Wellsys to offer state of the art electronically controlled coolers.

December 1, 2008

AQUAGIANTS opens new office in San Francisco Bay Area to serve our customers better.

AquaGiants Treatment Process

In order to mitigate the problems and risks of the 5 gallon water bottle system, AquaGiants introduced the "Water to live by" solution through our water treatment process. Our microprocessor controlled point-of-use purification system turns regular tap water into superior high quality drinking water glass after glass through a multistage purification system

Our water purification stages are:

  • Stage 1 - Pre filter stage, removes particles, dirt, rust and sediments from the water
  • Stage 2 - 1st carbon filter removes pesticides, solvents, and chlorine
  • Stage 3 - Ultra fine Reverse Osmosis filter removes contaminants even if already dissolved in the water
  • Stage 4 - 2nd carbon filter removes whatever impurities that is left and adds smoothness and polish to the water
  • Stage 5 - Introduce activated oxygen that removes bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic organisms, preventing them from reproducing and giving life to the water
  • Stage 6 - Ultra violet light kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and is FDA approved for disinfecting filtered water.

The Result is superior high quality drinking water glass after glass bringing great taste and health to your body.


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San Francisco, California
Phoenix, Arizona

415-494-9225 California
480-788-3806 Arizona

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Why Us? AQUAGIANTS is truly your single source supplier of high quality systems and equipment designed to deliver water with sparkling clean and refreshing taste glass after glass. Its company principals owned and operated successful service centers prior to entering the water industry.