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June 27, 2007

AQUAGIANTS formally commences water purification business.

September 22, 2007

AQUAGIANTS partners with Vertex and Wellsys to offer state of the art electronically controlled coolers.

December 1, 2008

AQUAGIANTS opens new office in San Francisco Bay Area to serve our customers better.

The need for water

Medical research has it that the human body consist of over 70% water. And when it comes to water, purity is the word. Proper hydration is vital to good health, since water purity affects your food digestion, body temperature, blood pressure and brain function. Most body illness can be traced to impurities in your drinking water, and water is the major medium through which our bodies eliminate toxins. Drinking pure water is crucial if we wish to maintain good health.

The question is where we can get the water to live by?

Recent polls indicate a rising concern over the state of the water flowing from the public tap. Reports show the presence of chemicals, metals and bacteria in our tap water that exceeds EPA and tolerable limits of the human body system. This situation leaves you unprotected and exposed to contaminants and vulnerable to disease.

This is why many people turn to bottled water especially in the work place and offices. However, bottled water systems have some obvious disadvantages and great risks.

The Problems with 5 gallon bottles

1. Health Risk

Surveys show that changing the bottle when exhausted poses great risks. First it is one of the least preferred office tasks due to potential injury risk to your back when lifting the bottle on top of the cooler. A water bottle weighs 42 pounds. Secondly, every time there is an injury, the business incurs avoidable and unnecessary cost of paying worker's compensation claims. Thirdly some water gets spilled on the floor in the process of lifting and properly placing the bottle on the cooler, making a mess of your office floor. That is why bottled water coolers in most offices are often empty. Every staff wants to avoid these risk factors. This is not to mention the possible risks of air-borne contaminants and everything that comes in contact with the bottles introduced in the process of mounting the bottle on the cooler.

2.Contaminant Risk

Because someone must remove the bottle's cap in order to replace it on the cooler, there is the possible risks of transferring whatever germs or bacteria that person's hands have to the neck of the bottle, which eventually ends up in the water reservoir. Once inside the cooler resevoir, germs and bacteria begin to breed. Further, in order for water to flow out of the bottle, it has to be replaced by air. Therefore, many airborne contaminants are transferred into the water in this process.

3. Security Risk

Sometimes weekly and every time the delivery man comes to deliver the bottles of water, office flow is interrupted and office security could be compromised. Apart from the added (labor)burden of checking and counting what is delivered, there is the issue of cost of storage space for the bottles.

4.Environment Risk

Bottled water destroys the environment. - The World Wildlife Federation estimates that bottled water puts 1.5 million tons of plastic(38 billion bottles) into the environment each year (3,000,000,000 pounds). Bottled water companies consume millions of barrels of oil and generate millions of tons of greenhouse gasses in their manufacturing and transportation process.


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